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  Florida has a "no–fault" worker's compensation system which means that medical and wage benefits are available to injured workers irregardless of negligence or who was at fault.   What mostly matters is that the accident/injury happened while working.  A "compensable" injury can occur suddenly such as a slip or fall or lifting a heavy box, but it can also happen gradually overtime which are called "repetitive traumas" such as carpel tunnel syndrome. A worker can go years without symptoms after lifting heavy objects but at some point these aggravating factors can all add up causing a sudden onset of pain that may have taken years to erupt, even while doing the most mundane activity.


   Even if someone has a "pre-existing" injury or ailment, aggravating an old wound can bring on a "new" pain  This would include aggravating pre-existing injuries which essentially make it a “new” pain or  injury.   Take an NFL football player, for instance, who has had numerous knee or back injuries and surgeries, who goes back into a game after rehab to play, but then gets hit in the knee again.  Was the cause of that players injury on a certain play "pre-existing" just because he had a prior injury or surgery or is it a "new" injury?  The insurance company and employers may be quick to call such an analogy "pre-existing" ,however, by the fact that the player was in the game, he would be covered under the law.   


  If injured while working, the employee worker may be entitled to medical benefits, disability benefits, lost wages (referred to as Indemnity benefits), prescription medication, reasonable travel expenses ( about .25 a mile) to and from providers, and attendant care benefits if ordered by the authorized physician..

If you or a family member has been injured or hurt at work, call Miami-Dade and Broward County Experienced workers’ compensation attorney Daniel E. Tropp, Esq. who has nearly 25 years practicing workers’ compensation law.  Call Lawyer Daniel Tropp, Esquire  now at 305-814-2035 for a free consultation.r paragraph here.

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